Vintage & Antique Wind-Up Toys

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Antique and Vintage Wind-Up Toys – A Delight For All Ages

Meet West End Antique Mall’s Richard Brezner and enter his magical world of whirling, twirling, dancing and prancing wind-up toysRead on and then scroll down to see Richard’s toys in action!

Richard’s passion for collecting sprang from a childhood heavy with family game nights, but light on play-things for tinkering. His love of gizmos, graphics, colors, and nostalgia inspired a passion for the simple joys in life, which, for him, is his collection of wind-up tin toys and turn-of-the-century magic posters.


Richard’s showcase at West End Antiques Mall is packed full of fun. His globetrotting has afforded him the opportunity to collect wind-up toys from Germany, Japan, Britain and the US, from makers like Gunthermann, Lehmann, Schuco, Marx and others.

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Three wheel toy

Have a look at Richard’s little follies whirling, twirling, prancing and dancing. We guarantee you’ll wind-up smiling.

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