Antique and Vintage Wind-Up Toys – A Delight For All Ages

Meet West End Antique Mall’s Richard Brezner and enter his magical world of whirling, twirling, dancing and prancing wind-up wondersRead on and then scroll down to see Richard’s toys in action!

Richard’s passion for collecting sprang from a childhood heavy with family game nights, but light on play-things for tinkering. His love of gizmos, graphics, colors, and nostalgia inspired a passion for the simple joys in life, which, for him, is his collection of wind-up tin toys and turn-of-the-century magic posters.

wind-up dog toy
Vintage windup toy (red, flappy ears)

Richard’s showcase at West End Antiques Mall is packed full of fun. His globetrotting has afforded him the opportunity to collect examples from Germany, Japan, Britain and the US, from makers like Gunthermann, Lehmann, Schuco, Marx and others.

vintage wind-up toys 1
vintage wind up toys

Have a look at Richard’s little follies whirling, twirling, prancing and dancing. We guarantee you’ll wind-up smiling.

wind-up toy circus