Kitschy Collecting at its Finest

When you think of “retro, vintage baking”, what is the first thing that comes to mind? The one and only, PYREX. Since its introduction to the public in 1915, PYREX cookware has been a hit in the kitchen. And who could  blame the masses? The makeup of this stuff–borosilicate glass–means business. Temperature and shatter resistance was (and still is!) a great feature to boast, especially in times of trouble when money and production were at an all time low.   Durability isn’t the only thing PYREX has going for it though, and in the near-century that it’s been around, there have been over 100 different patterns put into circulation! Even with the quickest spin through our shop, you will find plenty, particularly in booth DCAB. I talked briefly with our dealer, who has been collecting for over 20 years. But, of course it gets to a point where “you can’t keep it all”, which prompted them to open up shop about 12 years ago.   What is it about PYREX that is so attractive? For our dealers, it is all of those original patterns. The fan “I love learning, and seeing new pieces in person that I’ve never seen before,” she explained. “And just because you’ve seen a lot, doesn’t mean you know it all.” It’s always been “exciting” for them to extend their knowledge on all things retro and midcentury kitsch, and they are certainly spreading the love in their spaces here at West End Antiques Mall. “I love it. It’s fun–if it wasn’t fun, I wouldn’t be doing it!”   These pieces are well-made, right here in the States, and “will last forever” if they’re cared for correctly. “Collecting is a testament to the durability,” I was told. “I’ve seen pieces from the 1950’s that could still be brand new.”

Frog Rooster