Classic PYREX Cookware –  At home in any kitchen. Since its introduction in 1915, classic PYREX cookware has been a hit in kitchens everywhere. And who could  blame the masses? The makeup of this stuff, borosilicate glass, means business. Temperature and shatter resistance was (and still is!) a great feature,  especially in difficult times when money and production were at an all time low.

Durability isn’t the only thing PYREX has going for it though, in the past century there have been over 100 different patterns put into circulation in a variety of colors. Did we mention charming? And what’s better than a little nostalgia on the side.

vintage blue and white Pyrex mixing bowls
vintage blue and white classic Pyrex mixing bowls

Take a quick spin through West End and you will find dozens of Pyrex examples like those in booth DCAB. The duo of dealers at DCAB have been collecting for over 20 years but they couldn’t keep it ALL, so they set up shop about 15 years ago.

vintage Pyrex mugs sugar and creamer
vintage Pyrex mugs sugar and creamer

What is it about classic PYREX cookware that is so appealing? For our dealers it’s all of those original patterns and the fun of discovering new pieces. It’s always been “exciting” for DCAB to extend their knowledge of all things retro and midcentury with our customers. Collecting is a testament to durability, and well-made cookware like Pyrex will last forever if cared for correctly. We’ve seen Pyrex pieces from the 1950’s that still look brand new.

Visit West End and get cooking today! You’ll find loads of collectible Pyrex pieces and more in building 2. Discover collections in Space MLL (aka the Christmas tree lady), Space DCAB (aka Frog & Rooster), and more dealers throughout the mall. Looking for a particular pattern? Just ask us. We always have an ever-changing inventory of retro and vintage kitchen wares.

Frog & Rooster logo
Frog Rooster booth DCAB at West End Antiques Mall